My path to creating Amalii

My name is Ligita and I have created the world of Amaliihandmade princesses. How it all started. I have always had the desire to build my own business, but often fear and leaving our comfort zone stand in the way. The summer of 2018 was my fateful turning point, when I left a stable job to jump into the unknown. Before that, I regularly thought, looked for ideas, which would be my vocation. What value could I bring to the world.

I always resisted handicrafts. Ever since I was a child, I love beautiful, romantic, girly clothes that are different from the mass market. When I saw the colorful textile balls, I realized that with tulle, they would go together so perfectly. Girls will not only be able to look like a princess in an airy, voluminous tulle dress, but also play through the dress. You just think what a wonderful benefit - the girl will have both a holiday dress and a toy. The child grabs the ball, spins it here and there, kneads it with his fingers, counts, explores the colors and is happy as it moves along.

Without sewing knowledge, I jump into the unknown. I took a 4-month course on the basics of sewing and got everything else through experience and self-learning. At first, the idea was to create only ball gowns and hair ornaments. At the request of customers, I started experimenting in the field of dresses.

I worked from home for the first 2.5 years. She has set up her workplace in an apartment, in a small corner. Next, I took a big step and still rent my workshop premises in Sigulda. For 3 years I worked completely alone through ups and downs. I was responsible for all the sewing, social networks, ideas, correspondence with clients, marketing, website and 101 other details. Then the next click in my growth "I will not build an empire alone" happened and I started to form collaborations with seamstresses who fill the clothing racks, so that I could focus more on Amalii's development strategy.

If you have an idea that makes your eyes sparkle, make sure to realize it. If you believe in your idea and purposefully go for it (like me), you will definitely succeed!

Have great and fulfilling dreams for everyone!

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Write to us about any interesting questions, wishes, individual orders. We will try to respond as soon as possible, approximately within an hour, on working days. Contact phone for urgent questions +371 26228233, for orders you can write, WhatsApp.


Ligita Ergle (Registered as an economic operator)

Registration number. 08068812272

Contact phone number  +371 26228233

Workshop location - Sigulda, Ausekla street 5.

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